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Nancy E. Merritt
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Are you hesitant to put your home on the market or to begin the search for a new house because of the many "problems" that so often occur during these transactions?  If yes, I have good news for you!!
Introduce yourself to Nancy Merritt at Delap Real Estate and you will never regret it.  Nancy was my Realtor of choice for both the sale of my home and the purchase of another.  She is knowledgeable, professional, kind, and maintains a positive attitude accompanied by a wicked sense of humor!  She will easily walk you through all of the necessary procedures for either a sale or a purchase and can easily put you at ease if there are unusual circumstances in either kind of transaction.  She also knows nearly everyone in the Pioneer Valley and can recommend home inspectors, plumbers, electricians, movers, or anyone else whose services you might need.  Nancy always responded to my questions in a timely fashion and was able to guide me through situations I might have found unbearably complicated.  Should I ever be in need of a Realtor again, I would call Nancy at Delap without a moment's hesitation.
Paige Nangle


Nancy Merritt is the Realtor's Realtor.  She was referred to me by my friend, a retired broker, whose pricey home Nancy sold in two months. 

I'd broken my hip and back (don't try this at home) and needed to sell my unique three story historic condo and find some place I could navigate besides a retirement complex, yuck!  Nancy found me a charming little one-floor house in my town of Williamsburg.  Because Nancy knows everyone in Happy Valley, she set me up with a mortgage banker who arranged a bridge loan while Nancy sold my condo in just a few months.  She also sold my buyer's home in Deerfield during this timeframe.  All this happened last summer when the market was rather quiet in Williamsburg.  We all came out ahead in a very short period of time.  Not to lapse into magical thinking, but you have to wonder.  Both sales were closed and the buyer for my condo and I were moved into our new houses by fall.

Nancy Merritt is a social genius and a financial wizard.  As importantly, Nancy is fun and hilarious--and a truth teller.
Liv Pertzoff
Williamsburg, MA


Dear Nancy,
Over the course of several years, Wendy and I came to know you through the numerous Open Houses where we encountered you--and we regularly came to your Open Houses because of your unusual ability to make your advertisements interesting, attractive, and accurate descriptions of what you were showing.  Those years of getting to know you proved invaluable when we finally decided to buy our present home on Oak Street in Florence.  We knew that we could rely on your assessment of the value of the property and the work that would be necessary to turn it into what we wanted.  We also knew that the builder you recommended, John Zieminski, would be right for us, and that has turned out to be exactly the case. 

So, although it has taken us years of looking and, recently, months of hard work to get where we are now, we are finally here.  And we are quite sure that without your help and guidance we would not be.  We wish to thank you for all of this and we are especially happy that a real friendship has grown over the time involved.  It is always a pleasure to chat with you, to exchange ideas, and to hear your suggestions about what we are doing.

And--who knows--once we have unpacked completely, we may even keep up the tradition of coming to your Open Houses.
John and Wendy Field
From Northampton to Florence


We wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication to the successful sale of our parent's home.  Having to choose a Realtor to represent my brother and me in selling our parent's home was daunting.  Not only did we not have a clue about selling a house, the fear of not selling due to the market was present along with the emotions of needing to sell our family home.  A good friend recommended two Realtors.  You were one of them and are we glad we chose you!!

You immediately took over and walked us through every step!  Because we both worked full time and my brother resides out of state, you offered to complete so many things relative to the sale that I'm sure other Realtors would have left up to the seller.  You worked around our schedules, always provided thorough explanation of steps and certainly went out of your way for us even if it meant doing so outside of your workday.  You even played therapist when our emotions got the better of us!  Your advice was sound, the attention to detail great and your pricing right on!  You are a go-getter and have a passion for what you do.  I was amazed at how you took the house and us "under your wing" and made us feel like our sale was the most important one when I'm sure you had many others going on at the same time.  Your understanding of the market and a great strategy produced three offers within a day of the open house and a timely sale!  No small feat in this market!

You were excellent company, as well, and I feel lucky that a friendship resulted, not just a sale.  But as far as the realty business goes, as long as you are in the business, you will always be my Realtor and the only Realtor I would recommend to others!!  Thanks again, Nancy!
Marilyn Cahill (and Mark, of course) 

I'm here in my new home which is really a "dream-come-true" for me and much of the credit goes to you. 

Before making a decision on selling my home, it was recommended that I consult with three Realtors.  The moment I walked into your office I felt very comfortable and felt no need to look further.  I never regretted that decision.  You made it such a positive experience.  Before I could ask the questions, you had the answers for me.  You always kept me informed, were quick to return phone calls, if something needed doing you were on the phone immediately seeing that it got done and simply put...you made it all so "easy". 

So now that my little dog, Sophie, and I are nice and cozy in our new home, I just want you to know how much your care and concern for us was appreciated.

I will never hesitate to recommend you to anyone selling their home.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Betty Scoble
From Northampton to Southampton


Nancy is one in a million!!  We first met her as the seller's agent of the house we bought in 2005.  We liked her immediately and thought she was a wonderful, funny and knowledgeable agent, even though we were not working with her at the time.  When it came time to sell our house in 2009, we said that Nancy has got to be the one to sell our house!  Her knowledge of every aspect of selling homes made the process so seamless, so easy.  She understands the area, staging, marketing the house, every aspect of selling your home.  She is an excellent agent and friend because she loves what she does so much.  Nancy is honest, smart, funny, dependable and the most hard working Realtor we have ever met!  And we just love her.  She made what could have been a very difficult process easy and fun.  Her optimism knows no bounds!  We would recommend her to anyone.
Thank you, Nancy!
Kate and Mike Baur

I have worked closely with Nancy over the past fifteen years, closing many sales and purchases.  I have found her to be a tireless worker, diligently and professionally handling every phase of a transaction:  from market research to Listing requirements; from Offer stage to inspection dynamics; from pre-closing issues to closing requirements.  She then assists with any post-closing matters that arise.  Nancy has even met with town officials and boards to resolve building, zoning and health issues...always within professional and ethical bounds.  I would heartily and without reservation recommend her to any prospective Seller or Buyer.
Attorney Len Jekanowski


We have known Nancy since early 2000, and since then she has helped us buy and sell five homes, and there is no one we would rather have help us.  Nancy is not only the best real estate broker we have ever worked with, she is a wonderful friend and sounding board.

Nancy has tremendous in-depth knowledge of every aspect of real estate from listing to inspections to closing.  Nancy keeps track of every detail in the process, no matter how small, and is constantly on top of things.  She either knows the answer to a question right off the top of her head, or can get that answer in very short order.  If there are difficulties of any kind, Nancy knows how to work through them and keep everyone optimistic and on track.  The bottom line:  she loves what she does and it shows.

Most importantly, Nancy is a fabulous person to work with--she has boundless optimism, a wonderful sense of humor and first-rate honesty and integrity.  Buying and selling a home is the most complex thing most of us will do.  We can think of no one we would rather have in our corner than Nancy Merritt.
Ken Moore and Kerry Harling


Nancy is the best!  Smart, energetic, dependable--she knows the Valley and the hilltowns like the back of her hand.  She has a wealth of information about local resources with the technical knowledge of a building contractor and the panache of an interior decorator.  She made the task of selling our home of 20 years virtually painless and walked us through all the steps of buying another home with good humor and perpetual optimism.  We couldn't be more pleased about the outcome, and we have Nancy to thank for getting us into our dream home!
Linda and Eric Byrne
From Florence to Worthington


We met Nancy while looking at a house she had as a listing.  After seeing the house and speaking with her, we decided to buy it, but before we could, we had to sell 2 condos that we owned.  We had put one of them on the market before we met her, and the agent we had did nothing with it.  We had Nancy take the listing over, and she sold it in about 1 week.  Then, when we put our other unit on the market with her, that one sold in just a few weeks.  She has a great personality and is very straight forward and knowledgeable.  We would recommend Nancy to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.  She'll work with you to get the results you want. 
Stuart & Michelle Brisson
From Florence to Williamsburg


We met Nancy Merritt in March of 2005 and we quickly became friends, so much so that we invited her to our Wedding in July.

Nancy had a real challenge when she became our Realtor.  We had a very hard time finding a home, in my husband's terms, "in his Comfort Zone".  Nancy went over and beyond what any Realtor would do in a case as tough as ours, but she stuck with us and found us our dream home, which we purchased in December 2005.  Then she had the task of selling our home which she also accomplished one week before Christmas.  What a Christmas present that was!!!

The difference that Nancy makes is that she loves what she does and honestly cares about her clients.  She listens to what you want and makes sure that you are truly happy in your choice.  She is also a great sounding board.  Nancy is an extremely hard worker and handles every detail no matter how minor or major that is thrown into the mix.  She never seems to miss a beat.  She has an extreme range of knowledge from septic systems to wiring to chimneys and if she does not know something, she finds her answer in a very short amount of time.  She has an unlimited source of contacts.

Once you have given your property to Nancy you never have to worry about a thing.  She handles everything from listing your property to closing the sale.  You're in the best hands you could ever hope to be in with Nancy Merritt

Lori and Tim Towne
From Florence to Westhampton, MA


Nancy Merritt has been my Realtor and friend since 1993.  She spent many hours giving me an extensive tour of practically every condominium in Northampton in 1993 to help me come to a decision about where I wanted to live.  She also sold one of my homes in Plainfield in 1993, and then again sold my Northampton condo some years later when I was moving to Brooklyn, NY.  Both sales were very satisfactory for both the buyers and myself.  When I decided to return to Northampton last spring, I went straight to Nancy, knowing that she would find the right place for me to live.  For Nancy quickly knows her clients' needs and tastes, and she is most concerned that one finds the place in which one will be most comfortable and happy.  She is a wealth of information about plumbers, electricians, and all the other helpers that one may need when faced with a new property, and all calls of distress were responded to with calmness and a solution.  I highly recommend Nancy to anyone who is either selling or buying.  Her knowledge is priceless.
Jane H. Hovde
Northampton, MA

We were looking for a unique farmable property in greater Western MA or Southern VT for about nine months.  We dealt with several Realtors in sequence and with each, we were very specific about what we were interested in.  We "dismissed" several as they simply continued to show us what they wanted and not what we wanted.  We were thrilled to find Nancy as first and foremost a Realtor who "listened" as well as someone very knowledgeable about agriculture and the local farming communities.  She was also terrific at ferreting out possible sales not yet listed.  We bought our dream farm as Nancy was "on the job" as soon as it was listed.  As people who have sold 5 and bought 4 places in the last several years, Nancy was a "no nonsense" delight to work with.
Michael Kalagher and Anna Hanchett
MANDA Farm, Plainfield, MA 

I decided, after the death of my husband, that a move to central or western Massachusetts to be nearer my family would be a wise one.  On a Saturday afternoon as I left my granddaughter's house I spotted a real estate office and decided to drop in and inquire about what might be available in the Northampton area.  My inquiry was welcomed and I was shown to an office where I was shortly joined by a friendly and cheerful person by the name of Nancy Merritt.  I explained my situation and the type of housing (a condo) that I had in mind.  Nancy listened to my wishes and concerns and assured me that there would be something to fit my needs in my price range.  The following day we met for an hour or so before I returned to my home in Pennsylvania.  She was able to show me several units, gave me a tour of different communities to get a "feel" for what appealed to me as well as gave me a quick overview of the town, its amenities and surrounding villages.  During the several weeks until my return Nancy kept in close touch with me, emailing photo tours of new places on the market and the necessary information to help me "see" what was available.  On my next trip to Northampton Nancy had a list of everything that might appeal to me and we went looking.  She was very much in tune to what I wanted and showed only those places that met my needs.  When I made my decision to buy Nancy saw to every step toward the final closing, arranging necessary inspections, advising me on financial institutions to ease the process, and tips on reputable businesses that might be helpful to know.

I sincerely recommend Nancy Merritt as a knowledgeable, competent and friendly salesperson to any one from within the Northampton area or relocating from afar! 
Norita Reynolds--a satisfied client
Fairway Village, Northampton


Nancy is a great person and Realtor to work with...she's down to earth, trustworthy, and most importantly, she gets the job done.
Sarah from Conway


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